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Another Letter: 'Facts, ideas and rational discussion are irrelevant…'


How audacious of Vickie Fogarty to compare Charles Prince to a dining room table (Letters to the Editor, August 29th) After all, he's only parroting Rush Limbaugh whose diatribes on health care and environment read like a page from the Nazi playbook of the 30's and 40's.

To paraphrase Hermann Goering: "People can be made to do the will of their leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are under attack and then demonize dissenters [with pejoratives that evoke fear, hatred and disgust, e.g. death panels, government takeover, cap and tax, control every aspect of your lives] and accuse them of being unpatriotic and putting everyone at risk. . . . "

So, Ms. Fogarty, there's no need to defend your congressman and what you and he stand for. Just get out there and launch some ad hominen attacks on those with whom you differ. Facts, ideas and rational discussion are irrelevant when the objective is to defeat any health-care or environmental initiatives and, by extension, President Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

In his rebuttal, to Ms Fogarty, Mr. Prince writes: ". . . about 80% of us are satisfied with our doctor and about 70% are pleased with their health insurance coverage. I wonder how many of those satisfied customers are in that government run, single-payer program called Medicare?

That's what's on the dining room table. That's what's for dinner. Hal Jackson Harbor Hills

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