2009-09-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writers credit programs for keeping them in their home


We are supporting Licking County Senior Citizens Levy. We could not be in our home without Passport and the (Licking County) Aging Program. We are both in wheelchairs and have cerebral palsy.

My husband is going blind. The Aging Program comes to our house and does our laundry, dishes, dusts, mops, and gives baths to my husband. We cannot walk anymore and the Aging Program brings our lunch to our home. They run sweepers for us and do what we need to be done.

We simply could not manage without Passport and the Aging Program. They make our beds for us and sometimes go to the store for us. All the services we receive make it possible for us to stay in our home.

Charles and Virginia Tustin Pataskala

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