2009-09-05 / News

Candidates set for Nov. 3 ballot

LAKE AREA- It will be a spirited Nov. 3 election as candidates outnumber positions in most local area races.

Here's a breakdown of candidates by county (incumbents have an asterisk):

Licking County Buckeye Lake Village Mayor Richard E. Baker Berry J Herron Buckeye Lake Village Council (3 positions) Clay Carroll A Kaye Hartman Charlene C. Hayden* Peggy A Wells Hebron Village Council (4 positions) Dale Burns Pam DeVaul Jim Friend John R. Guinsler* Annelle Porter* Scott Walters* Kirkersville Village Council (4 positions) Debi Seymour* Sharon Temple* Kirkersville Board of Public Affairs (1 position) No Candidate Filed Bowling Green Township Trustee (2 positions) Jeff Baird Jeff Chorpenning* Ben Hupp Michael Pitcher Daniel VanBuren* Patricia Volland Licking Township Trustee ( 2 positions) Ronald S. Acord John D. Freas John H Holman, V* Dave Miller* Union Township Trustee (2 positions) Rick Black Jack Justice* Richard L. Moore Jesse Ours* Charles Prince Lakewood School Board (3 postions) Joe Bowman, Jr.* Trisha Good* Judy White* Fairfield County Baltimore Village Council (4 positions) Robert Hankinson* James Hochradel* K. Dwayne Mohler* Millersport Village Council ( 4 positions) Gary Matheny* Charles Mesko* Donna Jean Thogmartin* Jim Wright* Douglas D. Carpenter Pleasantville Village Council (4 positions) Randy Matthew Asher William R. Mason* Mary Minnie Scholl John W. Snook* Chad A. West* Thurston Village Council (4 positions) Jimmy Dee Barber, Jr. Garry A. Boring Russell Lowell Hite Raymond Robinson Liberty Township Trustee (2 positions) Betsy Alt Robert Badgeley Dave L. Keller Randy L. Kemmerer Nancy Montell* William Putnam Walnut Township Trustee (2 positions) Alan "Sonny" Dupler* Walter Gabriel* Terry W. Horn Robert W. Slater II Richard Thompson Paul T. Whitaker William R. Yates Fairfield Union School Board ( 3 positions) Kevin Kemmerer* Eric A. Mahler David Rodenbaugh* Liberty Union-Thurston School Board ( 3 positions) Cena Grimm Shaun Hochradel* John Hutton* S. Michael Raver* Walnut Township School Board (2 positions) Tom Cumbow Carol A. King* Sandra Kay Lines Perry County Hopewell Township Trustee (2 positions) David W. Ours Todd Shafer James L. Sturgeon* Chad R. Wilkins* Reading Township Trustee (2 positions) Timothy Emmert* Steve Shumaker* Thorn Township Trustee (2 positions) Thad Cooperrider Dale Factor Dennis Lavender Marci McCaulay Linda M. Myer Rick Wilson* Thornville Village Council (4 positions) Dale Brussee Dayna Patrick* Lynne Snider* Northern Local School Board ( 3 positions) Richard France Patrick Hogan Brian Luft II Charles Montgomery Daniel Snider

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