2009-09-05 / Editorials & Letters

Remember 'Karen' with card


As a Buckeye Lake area resident , I am asking others to send a card to the parents of Joan "Karen" Stewart-Rife who passed away Aug. 27 of a rare protein producing disease called Amyloidosis.

Karen LOVED Buckeye Lake and often came here for comfort. Karen and her friend, Kathy, would sit on a bench at the North Shore Park and look out over the water. From that bench, they would metaphorically drown their sorrows; or solve the problems of the world; or just feel the calming effects of the water after a stressful day at work.

I will never forget the sparkle in Karen's eyes as she reminisced of her childhood days. She told of how she would sit by the lake in front of the Crystal Ballroom and listen to the music of Louis Armstrong while her parents were inside dancing. Karen could take you right back to her childhood with her just by her expressions as she told of her beautiful memories.

Karen was a self-sacrificing, wonderful person to know. She would AND DID do without so that someone else could have what they needed. Karen's last selfless deed was to surrender her body to have a special autopsy that, in the words of one of her doctors, "would potentially help HUNDREDS" who suffer from this same disease.

Karen's parents went daily, to The James in Columbus, for weeks and weeks, to be with her. Her sisters and her nephew Edward went as often as they could and I thank them all for their devotion.

Please help me in showering Karen's family with a card to express how much we will miss her gentle laughter; and how much we appreciated the tears that she shed for others that probably helped fill the lake. Send your card to Carl and Martha Stewart, 4384 Martinsburg Rd., NE, Newark, OH 43055. Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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