2009-09-05 / Editorials & Letters

'Stop complaining and follow the rules'


I have enjoyed reading recent letters to the editor from enraged drivers regarding the cameras installed to monitor traffic in Heath. I agree with last week's writer, Jody Robert Jones, who suggested people obey the laws. Don't speed!

As a note to Mr. Harris, have you noticed that many Florida communities have also installed the same type of cameras? I know because I live in Lee County Florida during the winter and they and neighboring Collier County have done this, too.

With so much to be concerned about in the world today, I am sure the complainers can find something more important to worry about. This kind of thinking is what has this country in the shape it is in.

People have abused the healthcare system for years by misusing their health insurance and now we are all going to pay the price. People speed and have or cause accidents and we, the taxpayers, end up paying for it because of time spent by law enforcement officers, hospital bills because those involved didn't have auto insurance, and we take care of their surviving loved ones because the offenders didn't provide for them.

Take responsibility for what you do. If you get a ticket, ask yourself why? Stop complaining and follow the rules. Remember the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It applies to all of us, not just the other guy. Barbara Floyd Thorn Township

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