2009-09-05 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Thornville E.M.S. Foundation donates remaining funds


Recently the Thornville E.M.S. Foundation, Inc. was dissolved and all funds remaining in the accounts were disbursed to charitable organizations in Thornville.

We wish to thank all of the people in the surrounding area and the Village for their continued support over the past 30 years either at our garage sales, Memorials or various other fund raising events. The support has been tremendous and was greatly appreciated.

Funds were distributed to Thornville Community Aid, Thornville Food Pantry and Thorn Townhips Trustees. Money given to the trustees will be used to help in building a badly needed fire house and squad facility.

We have a wonderful community and you deserve recognition for all your support!

Thank You! Thornville E.M.S. Foundation, Inc.

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