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Bowling Green Township 'watchdog' is back


Quite a bit has transpired since my last letter. But so far, there's still no reply to my written request for a copy of the official resolution, a copy of the form letter and any permits the fiscal officer had in her possession regarding Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 5571.16 - OBTAINING A PERMIT BEFORE INSTALLING DRIVEWAY CULVERT OR MAKING EXCAVATION IN TOWNSHIP HIGHWAY OR HIGHWAY RIGHT-OF-WAY. So here again, a lot of talk by good ole boy (GOB) Watkins, but no record?

The same is also true in regards to many of the pertinent sections of the ORC Section 5500. The GOB's combined have approximately 36 years as trustees, yet they seem to still not understand the basic duties and responsibilities of elected officials, especially as it relates to doing business in public. They have continually failed to make official required (meaning mandatory) resolutions. Even trying to tell them about their obvious errors has done nothing to curb their continual failures and pattern of behavior in this area. The only thing that seems to be making some difference is that I have been able to get County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt personally involved. I thank Mr. Oswalt for not only assuring that the required ORC process is finally done this time, but for personally showing up on site (at the public meetings) to monitor, guide and mediate when required.

Without Mr. Oswalt's latest efforts, I have no doubt the "Never Ending Saga" of the Cooperrider Road turn-around antics would have had to be settled in court. We are not done yet, but we at least seem to be moving closer to an end now. The county engineer has now provided trustees with updated plans, specifications and cost estimates. This data now appears to match what he proposed to be installed. The revision provides a much lower cost estimate for the T-shaped turn-around than he had originally provided. Apparently his office made some errors in the original profile sections and went too far to the west onto private property! If anyone is interested, the original and revised versions can be viewed on www.bowlinggreentownship.com. You can also read my written comments, made at the recent special Cooperrider Road onsite meeting. If you want more background and a video of the site, please visit www. will-kern.com.

As some of you know, I got quite involved in the trustees' actions a few years ago. It was a wake up call to see how the GOB's operate in public meetings. They could not seem to follow any sort of meeting rules of order or even give some simple courtesy to our newly elected trustee (Jeff Chorpenning). The GOB's and their lynch mob support group believe it's acceptable to ridicule a newly elected official. They believe in confrontational demands and threats rather than intelligent debate and weighing BOTH sides of the issue. When I challenged these antics, the GOB's came after me personally. They tried to use the power of their elected office to harass and intimidate me into submission. My friends know that I will rise to any challenge thrown at me, especially when it comes to my name, reputation, personal property and a just cause. The GOB's actions forced me into becoming an informed resident, leading ultimately to be the Bowling Green Township Watchdog!

No matter what happens, I have done what I could to provide some facts for voters to consider in November. But my mission of education and change is not done yet! So let me leave you with some TERMS & DEFINITIONS for the next time.

OHIO REVISED CODE - The document that contains all state laws. Got that - STATE LAWS!

RESOLUTION - An official legal document prepared and signed by the local governing body, documenting local law, rules, policy, and decisions. I cannot seem to ever obtain these MANDATORY type of official legal documents from trustees!

TAX MAP - An official map recorded in the Licking County Engineers Office that shows the current property dimensions, easements, and road right-of-way on any given property. I sure wish that were the case, since that seems to be another weak spot! But then, I suppose we also would need a definition of CURRENT!

A final note to March 8 letter writer Jean Hensler. Do you still think the GOB's, as you had stated, "understand their duty and responsibility to follow proper procedures and regulations set forth by the State of Ohio"? I have now pointed out numerous examples where this seems to have NOT been the case. But if you still do, then their actions or in-actions to date would obviously be deemed "deliberate & willful". If that be the case, you might want to read ORC 5589.03 & 5589.14 for further enlightenment! Will "Watchdog" Kern Bowling Green Township

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