2009-09-05 / Editorials & Letters

Writer asks if this is the change we want


What the heck is happening in America? We have massive, unsustainable spending going on in our country that I feel is absolutely insane! Although I agree that we need some healthcare reform, there's a heated rush to push through a government healthcare bill (that the majority of Americans do not want) that will ultimately squeeze out private insurance companies leaving us with only one option - government controlled medical care!

Personally, I don't like the idea of the "government" dictating what procedures I will or will not be having. I prefer to leave it to a professional - my doctor! A major cost in our healthcare system involves lawyers and malpractice lawsuits - have you wondered why this isn't being addressed?

Then we have the Cap and Trade bill that will totally devastate and overwhelm our economy! Even President Obama admits that this bill will "necessarily cause our bills to significantly increase" (are you listening?) at a time when people are losing their jobs and already struggling. How will companies be able to provide jobs and withstand the cost of this new Cap and Trade (tax) regulation? They won't! Many will close their doors or move their businesses to other countries - and MORE people will lose their jobs.

We are already in so much debt, why spend more borrowed money on healthcare and Cap and Trade before we stop the flow of red ink? I am fed up with "the sky is falling" approach to push bills through. Why not allow each member of Congress ample time to read and debate?

President Obama also wants a CIVILIAN ARMY with the strength and might of our Armed Forces. Why? Who is the enemy?

What's up with the appointment of so many "special advisors" (also referred to as "czars")? If you do a little research - you'll find that many of these "special advisors" have some very radical ties - one is even a self-proclaimed Communist! Why isn't the media reporting on this? We have one credible source of television information - Fox News (cable) that our new administration clearly tries to discredit every chance it gets. Why aren't NBC, ABC, and CBS reporting on these radicals in our government?

I am not okay with what's happening in America! And the latest is - the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 which I feel should be cause for great concern. This Cybersecurity Act of 2009 would hand the President UNLIMITED power to disconnect private-sector computers (that's us, folks!) from the internet. Why would the President need this power? Take the time to Google and research every new (and recent) "advisor" being appointed - you'll get the picture.

I strongly feel that our American freedoms and rights are at risk - as our Constitution is being shredded on a daily basis. Stay informed - send letters to your Senators and Congressmen - tell them how you feel about the direction our country is heading. Don't ever think your voice doesn't count - it does! One voice might be just a drop in the bucket - but thousands of voices can create a Tsunami! Nancy Waldren Liberty Township

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