2009-08-29 / Editorials & Letters

Heath gets some support


This is directed to Rick Smith and the others up in arms over Heath's traffic light cameras.

I don't live in Heath, but I can see it through my front windows. I drive to work in Heath every weekday, so I deal with the cameras. Guess what? While I tried to be careful before they were installed, I probably drive even more carefully now.

For all the rage over the cameras, let's face it. A lot of these people just want to be able to speed or run red lights. Concerning New Rome, I wonder if accident rates have gone up since they stopped focusing on speeders. I suspect they have.

If people are so angry about security cameras, then they also should avoid stores that have them. That means no department stores and especially no convenience stores. By the way, speeding wastes gasoline.

Here's a novel thought; if you don't want a traffic ticket, don't speed or run red lights! Jody Robert Jones Newark

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