2009-08-29 / Editorials & Letters

Heath loses another visitor


I was born in Newark, but have lived for the last 31 years in Florida. We do summer here at the lake. During my stay here we have always shopped in Heath, at the Indian Mound Mall, Chrysler, Staples, to mention just a few.

Heath is a little closer the the lake than Newark or Lancaster. Now with the new cameras, I want to tell the 40 some Heath merchants where we spend money that we won't be back. We love the new Japanese restaurant, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Tumbleweeds to mention just a few. They all are in Lancaster too, which is bad news for Heath.

Police Chief Shepherd is right out to the George Orwell's 1946 novel "1984." Big brother is watching you. Couldn't happen today, you say. Well it is, right here in Heath, Ohio. Today its traffic, tomorrow your business will be under his cameras and in the future, your bedrooms. Say no and keep your lives private. Ten thousand tickets in just three weeks in a community of 8,500. That's ridiculous! The City of Heath will be rich and the businesses and visitors will be poor. That is just WRONG!

Maybe if Heath Police had paid more attention to Robert Channel's threats, and the restraining orders, Vicky would still be alive. But they were probably too busy watching video from the new cameras and issuing tickets to the harden criminals who drive on Ohio 79.

I am sending a letter to the 40 Heath merchants that we will not be seeing again. I also sent in my $100 donation for 46 in a 35 mph zone. Michael Harris Buckeye Lake

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