2009-08-22 / Editorials & Letters

Writer thanks Heath for making their streets safer


I returned home today from a delightful vacation to the Mohican area. Ready to unwind, I sat down on the sofa and opened my Beacon.

As I read the letter from Rick Smith, I found myself relatively confused. I have been in the area for three years, but just found myself in Heath for the first time over the weekend. I enjoyed my drive through the area, and remembered reading recent news articles about the red light cameras. While I was there, I was careful to watch my speed, and was cautious around red lights.

My concern, however, is this: Speeding is illegal. Running red lights- also illegal. What is the big fuss about? Whenever I hear people complain about "speed traps" and red light cameras, my immediate thought is, "Is it their intention to break the law?"

The bottom line is that these laws are in place for safety reasons. Traffic accidents resulting from reckless actions take too many lives. If a community can make their streets safer and also keep their cities properly funded in a poor economy- I say by all means, please do.

Heath, thank you for making the streets safer for your children, seniors, and everyone in between! Michele Wines Baltimore

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