2009-08-22 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake Mayor lets off some steam



As Mayor it has been my policy over the last 7 1/2 years not to respond to the nastiness and lack of accuracy that the Beacon chooses to print, I believe it only perpetuates the misnomer that Buckeye Lake Village is full of people of questionable abilities and sophistication. Furthermore, it often keeps quality people from seeking public office because they have to deal with the atmosphere of ongoing inaccurate attacks from those with questionably close relationships to the Editor who are granted the opportunity to print whatever they want, whenever the want.

However, for perhaps the first time, the nail has been hit on the head and I wholeheartedly agree........... Rick Baker will make an exceptional Mayor. In fact, I believe that he will make the best Mayor the Village of Buckeye Lake has ever had. The Village of Buckeye Lake is extremely fortunate to have someone of Rick Baker's caliber as Mayor. Mayor Frank Foster Buckeye Lake

Editor's Note: The body of this letter is an exact copy of Foster's email as he insisted. The Beacon strives for accuracy, but we certainly are not infallible. We have made mistakes and will continue to make them as we all do. If the mistakes are meaningful, we will correct them when they are brought to our attention.

That said, Foster's claim about our 'lack of accuracy' falls flat. If he wants his claim to be credible then he must specify what isn't or hasn't been accurate. For example, is he claiming that Police Chief Ron Small didn't become a subcontractor for the village's water distribution construction project? Does he believe that doesn't represent a conflict of interest?

Foster has been the subject of some rather pointed criticism over his eight year term and we believe it was warranted. Anyone with a thin skin probably shouldn't seek public office at any level.

He is clearly tired and we wish him well as he returns to private life.

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