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Buckeye Lake Police to get new tasers

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE- Village Council members unanimously agreed to purchase two tasers for the police department after council member Jim Bartoe said two were malfunctioning. The replacements will cost $809 each. He said there was an incident where officers really needed tasers but they didn't work. "Things got bad," said Bartoe.

Council President Charlene Hayden asked if donations could cover some of the tasers' cost. Council Clerk Tim Matheny said there may still be some money in a village donation fund.

Council member Shelly Small asked if anyone compared prices to find less expensive tasers but Bartoe said he was sure he found the best price for what the officers needed.

Buckeye Lake Police Captain James Hanzey said Wednesday that he made a probation violation arrest earlier Monday where the person arrested was intoxicated and fought officers. The person was tased and transported to the station. At the station, the person ran for the door in handcuffs and kicked the officers. Hanzey said his taser stopped working properly and the incident became very physical. At that point, he said, only one of the department's three tasers worked. He said they were X-26 tasers from 2004 and were repaired on several occasions. The department has three functioning tasers as of Wednesday.

In other council news:

• Council member Donna Thompson said the personnel committee met to discuss and consider pay raises for the fire and street departments, and the code enforcement and zoning officers. Thompson said some of the employees haven't received raises for a long time. She said the groups receiving raises are paid from their department funds, but the police are paid from the village's general fund. Thompson said the village couldn't afford to give police officers a raise because attempts to get voters to approve an additional police levy have been unsuccessful.. "We just can't afford it," she said.

The job titles and rates of pay are as follows:

Administrative Personnel:

Service Director- $600 biweekly

Development Director- $24,000 per year

Clerk/Treasurer- $900 per month

Code Enforcement Officer- $250 per month (a $50 increase from the current rate of pay)

Zoning Officer- $350 per month (a $50 increase from the current rate of pay)

Police Personnel:

Part-Time Officer- $10 per hour

Full-time Officer- $13.97 per hour

Police Captain- $14.50 per hour

Police Chief- $19.07 per hour

Street Department Personnel:

Street Laborer- $10 per hour (a $2 per hour increase from the current rate of pay)

Street Superintendent- $13 per hour (a $1 per hour increase from the current rate of pay)

Fire Department Personnel:

Fire Chief- $450 per month (a $50 increase from the current rate of pay)

Assistant Fire Chief- $250 per month (a $50 increase from the current rate of pay)

EMT- $9.25 per hour

Advanced EMT- $10 per hour

Medic- $10.75 per hour • Resident George Braden asked why the restrooms at Ryan- Braden Park are a mess. Council member Drew Bourne said someone broke into them and stole all the copper pipes before vandalizing the restrooms. Bourne said the village is currently working to restore running water. "We can't do much until they have water," he said, adding that the park's water repair is completely independent of work on the village's public water distribution system.

• Hayden asked Fire Prevention Officer Toby Miller to explain that the new public water system should reduce residents' fire insurance rates, but the amount depends upon many factors and it won't happen overnight.

Miller said once the public water system is complete, most residents will have a line item discount on their insurance bill for having a fire hydrant within 1,000 feet of their property; Buckeye Lake is installing hydrants every 500 feet along the water lines. However, the Insurance Services Office, which evaluates fire departments and other industries for insurance companies, rates the fire department based on equipment and other factors. The Insurance Service Office's rating will determine insurance savings.

• Council passed a resolution stating that revenue from a November operating levy will only be used toward streetlights and things related to streetlights. Election laws prohibit the ballot from stating the revenue from the one-mill levy would only be used for streetlights.

• Hayden said three upcming events will benefit the community. The Community Celebration Committee and the Buckeye Lake Moose are co-sponsoring a "Ride for the Kids' Christmas" poker run on Saturday Aug. 15; the Rick Brunetto Big Band Buckeye Lake Picnic at the North Shore Boat Ramp is Aug. 23, 2:30 to 6 p.m.; and the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association sponsors a big band swing dance and dinner Oct. 3 at Creative Catering.

• Small thanked the public for its support following her father's passing.

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