2009-08-15 / Editorials & Letters

Crime victim upset with sheriff and prosecutor


It's OK to steal in Licking County per the actions of the Licking County Sheriff's Office and the county prosecutor's office.

At least that's my take after my recent experience. I had two gas-fired forced air furnaces stolen from a property I own. The actions then taken by the Licking County Sheriff's Office and the county prosecutor's office are appalling.

After filing a police report, a detective (Sgt. Sladen) called to tell me he would investigate. I advised him as to whom I felt stole the property and off he went. It wasn't too long before he called me with their position.

He advised that he had located the individual and that the person admitted to taking the two furnaces and had sold them to a metal scrap yard. Upon the detective's investigation, the thief stated that I had given the furnaces to him. So the detective and the prosecutor's office decided not to take action because it was my word against the thief's. They advised that my only recourse was to take the thief to small claims court. It was my word against the thief. They would not take the case any further. I told him that the sheriff's office and the prosecutor's office were absolutely useless to me, the victim.

It will cost at least $1,200 each to replace these furnaces. Why should I have to pay for this? It's theft! This thief should be charged and prosecuted, period. That's what I should get for the horrendous taxes I pay in Licking County.

I then advised the detective of my recourse. Anytime I heard anything about the Licking County Sheriff's Office and/or the Licking County Prosecutor's Office I will tell my story, expressing my disgust at their inaction. I will never support any efforts for the sheriff's office and will do what I can to vote people out like the county prosecutor.

Furthermore, I would assume based on my recent experience that it would be OK to take the detective's police radio, computer and the like since he told me I could have them. Right??

It's OK to steal in Licking County as long as you claim you had the victim's approval. David Steinke Baltimore

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