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Writer suggests maybe driving The Beacon out of town


Well to start off we already know you will not print anything unless it puts someone down like Ron Small. But this Peggy Wells is a total pain in the neck. How can you as a newspaper print that kind of bashing?

Ron owns his own company and leased his trucks out so what. I would rather see him doing it than some company from out of town. Why not be happy the money is staying in the village? And as far as his other jobs who cares but Peggy what Ron does on his own time.

How many police out there moonlite. Ron doesn't use his uniform or police car for these jobs so who cares. And its a conflict of interest if his trucks are on the job well she better get on our mayor who is hardly ever in his office and don't he own a company and do work on the lake making money. How about we get 6 on your side to come out here and see why a paper would put this kind of crap in its paper. Peggy needs to get a job and do better stuff with her time that doesn't bash Ron Small. I'm not the only person mad about this. There is alot of people here in the lake mad about this.

Peggy even passed your paper out to the guys working on the lines and went in to stores and restaurants telling people to read her story. This is so childish. Lets talk about some stuff Peggy has done wrong. She put all that money in this skate park for what the older kids have took it over and run the small kids off and the drugs and drinking they do I don't want my kids near this park. How about Peggy go there and babysit all them that would give her something to do for the community besides bash the police. She just might find out how much we need them around here driving and not sitting on a chair in the office.

Maybe we all need to get together and drive The Beacon out of the lake. What good is a paper that alows people bash the people who work here. This town has gone to hell and Peggy Wells is out front leading it there.GROW UP PEGGY. Does Peggy own this paper? I do know for a fact there are alot of villagers mad about this Beacon. Once again GROW UP PEGGY. Rick Bowman Buckeye Lake

Editor's Note: With the exception of removing a potentially libelous statement and a rather profane one plus adding capitalization and some punctuation, this letter was simply pasted from Mr. Bowman's email. Peggy Wells does not own The Beacon. Mary and Charlie Prince own it. If Bowman is correct about the drugs and alcohol at the skatepark, that's the police chief's responsibility, not Peggy's. Maybe if our police chief focused on his full-time job that wouldn't be a problem.

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