2009-08-08 / Editorials & Letters

Writer concerned about Walnut Township's zoning rewrite


This is an open letter to all Walnut Township residents.

Hopefully, you are aware of the rewrite/update of the township zoning book. After having attended the July meeting, I want to strongly encourage you to become involved because there are factions of the township, who in my opinion, intend to help rewrite the book for their own interests. One such faction, by their own count, numbered 14 persons represented.

One of the many concerns voiced is in regards to the definition of one commercial vehicle per residence. What I took from the intent of the remarks was that "commercial vehicles" detract/ devalue neighboring property. There seemed to be no regard as to how many people at that residence might be gainfully employed, paying taxes.

At this point, credit should be given to the chair of the Zoning Commission, Mr. King, who stated that there could be more than one commercially employed person in residence. It was clear to the commission members and the county planning representatives that the definition needs to be clearly defined.

Please come and make sure you, the employed residents of Walnut Township, are represented and acknowledged. Do not let a group of township residents (many of whom come from cities and towns and profess to want to live in a rural environment but then demand city services/actions) transform the township in which we all share and live in with the constitutional freedoms granted us by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and all citizens since.

Note to everyone living in other townships: This also applies to you, if not now, it will! Please take responsibility and find the time and act. Carolyn Clark Walnut Township

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