2009-08-08 / Editorials & Letters

Please return items to grave


Sometime between Friday, July 31 and Sunday. August 2, some items were removed from Dennis Channel, Jr's grave in the Millersport Cemetary. They were items that his friends and loved ones put there for him, in memory of him, in honor of him. His family, friends and loved ones visit with Dennis on a regular basis. This is a time for us to remember and reflect our time with Bubba. So many of his friends from school take items and lay them with Bubba. This is their way of being close to him. These are not items that are bought right from a store and taken to him, but things these children take from their own personal toy and coin collections. It is an expression of love and friendship from these children to a friend they have lost. Some of us adults put wreaths and bears out for him and sit on the bench beside him and think and spend a few moments with him.

At some point during this past weekend numerous items were removed from his grave. His family came back from a trip visit with Bubba and found items such as army tanks, airplanes, shotgun shells that were placed in honor of him by his brother and best friend on Memorial Day were missing along with cars, coins and other items. Who ever did this, I just want you to know that this is the lowest thing I think I have ever heard of. This is a child!! A member of our school, our community and most importantly our family. Bubba stood for everything GOOD and RIGHT in the world. To dishonor him in this manner is a complete and total tragedy. Whomever committed this crime, and yes it is a crime, it is called THEFT and DESECRATION OF A GRAVE, I honestly and wholeheartedly hope you can sleep at night. I hope you can look in the mirror everytime you pass by one and live with yourself.

The Channel family has suffered a loss that I pray that no one ever has to go through. They have lost a child. And to have this happen is unspeakable. I ask every member of the Millersport community, if you know who did this, adult or child(ren), PLEASE RETURN THEM. Do not let such a thing to happen in our community, to one of our children, friends or family members. Please not only respect the Channel family, but also Bubba and see that these items are returned.

Thank you and God be with you all and keep you safe. I know Dennis is smiling down on each and everyone of us. WE LOVE YOU BUBBA!! Heather Legue Millersport

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