2009-08-08 / Editorials & Letters

Redneck Women thank Tori for her devotion to BLASST


The Redneck Women want to give a big redneck THANK YOU to Tori Wolfe for her many years of loving devotion to the BLASST. When family and friends come to your homes to watch the fireworks and are amazed at how great they are, you know Tori has been doing things right for a lot of years.

It has been our privilege to be a small part of Tori's world for the last few years. We're proud to call her our friend and cohort in crime, even when we're bad. Her support and most of all friendship is an act that can't be followed.

We love you, Tori!

Your Redneck sisters and (Eddie Blue Eyes WHPH)

Bev Hulls, JoAnne McFarland, Jan Reiser, Michelle Glenn, Liz Groves, Sonia Minor, Kyle Steinwender, Marty Springer, Terry Dupler, Patty Diamond, Linda Dick, Lizzie Bozworth, Karen Sauders and Joanie Burge.

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