2009-07-25 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 16: A driver was cited for going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone on Ohio 79.

• July 16: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a Highland Avenue residence.

• July 16: A Hebron man was cited for having expired tags.

• July 18: A Newark man was cited for a stop sign violation on Mill Dam Road.

• July 18: A Columbus man was cited for running a stop sign at Mill Dam Road and driving under suspension.

• July 18: Police responded to a report of a 911 hang-up call from a Hebron Road residence. Resident said his child was playing with the phone and accidentally called the number.

• July 18: Police assisted a park officer with a BAC test.

• July 19: Buckeye Lake Fire Department responded to a fire involving two jet skis. The incident is being considered as an arson and is still under investigation.

• July 19: A Seymour Avenue resident complained about a speeder on the roadway.

• July 19: Police closed an open door at a Juniper Road residence.

• July 19: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with an ill person.

• July 20: Police took a report on a missing juvenile.

• July 20: Police assisted Kirkersville Police with a BAC test.

• July 20: A Hilton Road woman reported her daughter attacked her. The daughter was taken to counseling.

• July 22: A driver was cited for going 47 mph in a 35 mph zone on Ohio 79.

Hebron • June 12: A Duke store manager asked police to take a report after reviewing a security video that showed someone stealing sunglasses.

• June 12: A Canal Road apartment resident complained about a juvenile continuing to enter her home when an adult wasn't there. She said the juvenile had been told not to come over anymore. Police spoke to his mother and advised that the complainant would press charges if he returned.

• June 12: A driver was cited for speed on Ohio 79 at O'Neill Drive.

• June 12: A driver was cited for travellling 62 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 13: A woman called police abou an Internet chat with a juvenile male who told her he was homeless and living at the Hebron Elementary School. Police searched the entire school area and found no evidence of anyone living there.

• June 14: Police checked out a report of an impaired driver. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was ultimately charged with OVI and child endangerment. He was taken to jail.

• June 14: Police were called to an East Main Street home where man was having trouble breathing. Police called the medic to take him to the hospital.

• June 14: Police were sent back to the same East Main Street address to check on the man's condition after he walked out of the emergency room without being released. No one was there.


• July 17: Police were advised of juveniles entering into unlocked vehicles at night.

• July 2 -18: Police issued 20 traffic citations and 15 traffic warmings. Two drivers were cited for driving under suspension.

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