2009-07-25 / Editorials & Letters

Family thanks benefit supporters


This goes to everyone that helped with my grandson Jaxon Whitsel's benefit, which was held July 18 at the Milldam Corner bar. Cindy and all of their people and the bikers are awesome!

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the scheduled July 4 benefit at the Beachridge. Jaxon was in the hospital then so his benefit had to be cancelled. Thanks to the bikers that showed up anyway.

I would like to thank Eddie T., Amber, Elishia, Jessie G., Kelly, Daneille, Leslie, James and Kim. These guys made it possible for Jaxon to get to Illinois for his diagnosis and to get his treatments that keep him alive started. They worked in the U.S. 40 yard sale and awesome Eddie matched the proceeds. James with Dan's Auto Sales made it possible for Veva's van to make the trip by fixing everything to make it safe for the trip!!!! Cindy from the Mill Dam Corner, formally Kraner's Corner, is such a wonderful person. She and her staff pulled together and made this possible. We both would like to thank Macco, Hailq, Budweiser, Biker's Attic, Buckeye Upholsterey, QFM96, Regal Beverage, Forman Family, Scooters Bar, Broadmoor Market, Dapper Dan's, V.I.P Bar and Grill (now ZIGGY'S) , Granville Street Tavern, and Scott and Lori Davis. We also thank the bartenders and barbacks for making the food and helping with the benefit; the band, Randy Goin and the Mob Yankees; my daughter, Megan; family members, Tashua, Dew, David, and Ashley Schriner; and Lisa Ridenour.

Thanks again to everyone. I hope I didn't left anyone out. God bless our bikers. They do much more than they get credit for. Thanks to the Forman family for doing the flyers and advertising. Thank you and God bless everyone.

Tammy Schriner & Family Hebron

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