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More Letters: Licking County dog pound still gassing dogs


This letter is intended to clarify services at the Licking County Animal Shelter, also known as the

dog pound.' Some of you don't want to hear this but you need to.

want people to understand what really happens at the dog pound when you take your dog in to be "euthanized."

First of all, IN MY OPINION, euthanized, gassed, killed…these three words have different meanings especially when you are talking about the dog pound. If some of the employees get mad at me for whatever reason (i.e. requesting records; going to the county commissioners etc.) and end the life of an animal they know I would have taken…I use the word KILL. If an animal's life is ended by a humane injection, I call that EUTHANIZE. And, I think the word GASSED speaks for itself.

Some people choose to take an old, sick dog to the pound to have it 'euthanized' simply because it is so much cheaper than taking it to a vet. I am not condemning anyone for that decision and, in fact, your tax dollars have paid for people to be trained to HUMANELY euthanize animals by an injection. Not only did you pay for the training, I believe you also paid for hotel rooms etc. for several people who went to the training.

There has been only ONE dog "euthanized" at the Licking County dog pound between March 21, 2009, and July 2, 2009. That means that anyone who took their dog in to be "euthanized" between those dates may or may not have known that their dog was GASSED to death…except for ONE dog! Between the dates of March 21, 2009, and July 2, 2009, the lives of about 100 dogs were ended. All but one was GASSED TO DEATH!

I asked one of the pound employees if they inform people that they are GASSING their animal to death. She answered, "If they don't ask, we don't tell."

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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