2009-07-25 / Editorials & Letters

Thanks to volunteer


As I was picking up the mail for the Village of Millersport last week. I noticed a lady in town watering the flower pots by the local businesses. What surprised me was that she wasn't a Millersport resident and was volunteering her time.

On behalf of the mayor and council we thank Janet Neeley for making the area a better place to live. As I reflected on what Mrs. Neeley was doing, I realized that most of the people that work in the businesses as well as the owners live outside the village. We accomplish positive acts when we work together to make our area a better place. When we want to, we can do good. It is about paying forward and performing selfless acts that benefit our children. As Louie Armstrong sang, "and I think to myself what a wonderful world'. Walnut Township is a great place to live and raise children.

Vince Popo Walnut Township

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