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Writer says Space's 'yes' vote will hurt Ohio's economy


I would like to weigh in on the discussions between Vickie Fogarty and Charles Prince of The Beacon regarding HR2454 and Congressman Zack Space.

First and foremost, the most important thing about Congressman Space's "yes" vote on cap and trade, a massive indirect tax on the American people, was that he voted without reading, thus not understanding, the bill.

The bill, 1,428 pages of it, was voted on a very few hours after being written, So on no knew the truth about it, not Zack Space or any other lawmakers. Now we are finding out that there are 400 new regulations and 1,100 new mandates in this bill.

In the rush to get HR2454 into law, I'm afraid Mr. Space got it wrong. Perhaps his arm was twisted with a promise of a committee seat or leadership position, or maybe a face to face with the President, or a vote trade in his future.

There are two sides to every issue including global warming. We only hear the one side coming out of Washington that Ms/Mrs. Fogarty evidently believes in. That's the scaremongering side from radicals, special interest groups, Al Gore and some politicians.

There is plenty of evidence on the other side of this issue. Thousands of American scientists and more than 700 international scientists are on record dissenting about man-made global warming. But you won't hear that from Washington.

Both Mr. Prince and Ms/Mrs. Fogarty talked about trends and I would agree that an eight to 10 year cooling period is a trend. Cooling and warming have been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. In my lifetime, 66 years, and my parents' lifetimes, 89 years, we have experienced both many times.

But the real issue about global warming issues is what is the real worldwide environmental benefit? Without China and India on board there is none.

For Mr. Space to vote "yes" on cap and trade with no sound evidence of any benefit was 100% wrong.

As for how many "green jobs" will be created, I would ask how many "other jobs" would be lost? How many families will lose their homes because of the $3,000 per year increase for energy? How many small businesses will close?

And don't forget, higher energy costs equal higher goods and servies. I'll close with, "Mr. Space's "yes" vote on HR2454 WILL hurt Ohio's economy."

Mike England Pleasantville

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