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More Letters to the Editor: Biggest BLASST show ever


What everyone saw on July 3 was a $60,000 show. It was the biggest show ever launched by Hamburg Fireworks Company at Buckeye Lake. I have had a 12 year relationship with Ken, Lyn and I met their brother, Mike the first time this year who came in from the State of Washington to help with the family business. Also there is our shooter Mike Jolly who I love dearly and his little brother, Matt and Jeff Judlow who were pushing all the buttons that launched the show. It takes a crew of about ten others as well to put on our show. Thank you, thank you, one and all!

OK, this news blew me away - The Thornville Moose Lodge has donated more than $10,000 to BLASST. Can you believe that? How lucky is this community? The lodge trustees were guests on my barge last year and this year and will continue to be invited as long as the barge is rentable. This community thanks you and I thank you for supporting BLASST so generously. I hope you enjoyed the show.

One of my many mothers, Nancy Casto Benson, has donated $500 dollars a year to BLASST for at least 10 years, but had never been here to see the fireworks. I begged her to come this year and it just so happened her oldest daughter and grandchildren were coming in from California plus her son and other daughter from Columbus were coming as well. She watched the show for the first time with her whole family. She called and left a message at 11:30 p.m. Friday night thanking ME (of all things) and went on and on about how impressive the fireworks were. She used the word spectacular five times in less than 30 seconds. I think she likeed the show. I am so proud to have had Momma B. here after all she has given to this community. Nancy, my love, you have it backwards. This community thanks you for your kindness and generosity. We also thank your children, Frank Benson lll and Libby Benson for their generosity as well.

I was dropping off some tshirts for Rhonda and Rick to sell at Papa Boo's last week, when Rhonda starts telling me Dan and Randy have a 50/50 going during trivia night. I was lost and didn't know what she was talking about. I don't do trivia, sometimes I can't even remember my own name, but I digress. Well it seems at the beginning of the season. Dan, Randy, Jason and Bud started a non-profit 50/50 which meant they had to pick a charitable organization to give the money to. Well, they choose BLASST. God bless them. On Friday before the big show, Bud handed me $1360 which was half of the 50/50 at that point. That money was on top of the $250 donation Jason had already sent in. OMG, I am without words here except thank you so much. Thank you for choosing this community event. Thank you trivia attendees!

If anyone still wants a t-shirt they are all at Buckeye Lake Place. It's open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays across from the Pizza Cottage on Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake. Please check out Marnita's new shop and buy a BLASST t-shirt. Just once, I'd like to sell out.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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