2009-07-11 / Editorials & Letters

Walnut Township Trustees thank Tory for her BLASST work


Victoria Wolfe does it again with an outstanding 4th of July fireworks display!

I had the opportunity to speak to her the Thursday before the display - which was a feat in itself because of her busy schedule. I asked for 10 minutes of her time, which she gladly obliged between phone calls.

I had no idea of the amount of work the lady puts forth to organize this display - not to mention her out-of-pocket expense. Yes - out-of-pocket expense. Victoria has high quality standards and when donations are not enough to pay for the display, she makes up the difference with her own funds.

I was informed this is her last year of organizing this show. I certainly hope this is not true.

Victoria, I just want you to know that the Walnut Township trustees and all our personnel appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Sonny Dupler Walnut Township Trustee

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