2009-06-27 / Editorials & Letters

Voters urged to support street lights next time


It seems strange to me that the only people being blamed for the downfall of the streetlight levy are the Buckeye Lake mayor and village council. Only 174 residents out of 1,805 registered voters took the time to show up at the polls and only 82 of them voted for the levy. People were up in arms when told the lights would be turned off June 30. Some residents even volunteered to help pay for some of the lights to be kept on.

Now folks, this is everyone's responsibility. Make sure you know what the levy is all about. Take the time to ask questions and then decide what is best for the community. At Monday's council meeting, it was decided to give the residents another chance to make things right. So, make it your business to go vote for the muchneeded lights. You'll be glad you did!

Charlotte Basnett Buckeye Lake

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