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Cruelty to animals linked to violence to humans


In an effort to raise awareness of the link between animal cruelty and human violence, I want to share this story about a cat, a cat killer and the landlord who didn't seem to care. Although this is based on a true story, the names are fictitious…including the name of the cat! So, I will call the cat "Tom;" the cat killer "Dick," and the landlord, "Harriett!"

Last summer Dick trapped Tom, the cat; took him onto a back road; and then began poking arrow shafts into Tom's side. There was a witness, but Dick called her some vulgar names and took Tom and left. Because the witness scared Dick and caused Dick to run away with Tom and didn't see Dick KILL Tom, nothing was done to Dick. And Tom was never seen again.

About a week later, Dick put plates of tuna fish laced with RAT POISON on his property where anyone's CHILD could have gotten into it! The poison, which is a neon shade of green, could be seen from a road near Dick's home. So, the poison was reported to Dick's landlord, Harriett and the police. She seemed blinded to the fact that Dick's actions were a threat his neighbors and their pets.

Dick was furious that someone was complaining and now he was out for revenge…on (wo)man AND beast. He also liked to flip off the old ladies in his neighborhood or call them names. The old ladies tried to help the cats and tried catching the cats before Dick could get them. They pleaded with Harriett to help them.

The following week, the old ladies found cats foaming at the mouth, staggering, and writhing in pain. They called the police. The cats were taken to the vet who determined that they had been poisoned. The police saw chunks of tuna fish in Dick's yard so they collected samples. Sure enough, the food was laced with poison…a clear liquid poison.

One day Dick trapped a cat that screamed and cried for someone to help it. The old ladies tried to convince Dick to let the cat go but he would not. Once again, the police were called. The police would not make Dick give the cat to the old ladies who suspected that this cat had also been poisoned. The police told Dick to take the cat to the dog pound and get a receipt.

Dick took the cat to the pound. When he arrived, he told the pound worker that the police said the cat had distemper and he should bring it to the pound to be euthanized immediately! The pound worker told Dick she would take care of it when she got time. He told her not to put it with the other cats and insisted she euthanize it immediately. Again, she told him she would euthanize the cat when she got time. But she got too busy. The cat was given to a citizen who found that the cat had been POISONED! The police were notified.

Dick still continues to torture cats and other animals. He seems to have put the poison away, but now is shooting the animals. I suspect that he has a history of animal abuse AND human abuse. The links between animal cruelty and human violence are real and they are documented! You can view the Animal Abuse Potential facts at the Pawprints and Purrs, Inc. website at www.sniksnak. com/ac/abuse.html and I encourage all law enforcement officials to view these facts. Also go to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS.org) and read their statistics. Among other things, you will see skin crawling details such as how David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam", POISONED his mother's parakeet and shot his neighbor's dog!

A very similar story in a Miami, Florida community gives chilling details about cats being mutilated and killed. Miami- Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson was quoted in the Miami Herald as saying, "Animals bring happiness and comfort to our lives. So, to see them so violated and mutilated just defies all common sense and it's painful for everyone involved."

The Miami Herald also states that Louis B. Schlesinger, a professor of forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, said "residents should be cautious, even if initial signs don't indicate humans are in danger. He said the man believed to be the "Boston Strangler" also shot cats with arrows.

Rest in peace, "Tom."

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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