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BLASST t-shirts are here


First off; my sincere apologies to Bob Arter for calling him Jim five times in one paragraph two letters ago. I know his name is Bob, but I claim B.D.M.A.W. sickness. All I can say Bob is that on good days, I forget my own name. I'm so sorry.

OOPS, here's another mistake! Way, way back on January 10 of this year, I received the first 2009 BLASST donation from Tim and Randi McLaughlin. I was unpacking from Florida and found a copy of their check in my paperwork. It was so long ago I had forgotten. Thank you both.

I should probably ask you to send your donations after May 1, because it's just safer that way. To tell the truth, finding the copy was a wonderful fluke in the chaos of construction at my home.

We want to thank the trustees of the Saul Schottenstein Foundation for their very generous donation to BLASST. It couldn't have come in a leaner year. In fact, we want to thank the 20 some folks who have sent in their donations before our annual request letter went out. I especially want to thank you for your encouraging letters. Those notes mean the world to me. If you have already sent a donation and still get a letter please just discard it. If you don't get a letter by the time you read this, please consider sending at least a $5 check to BLASST at 13284 West Bank Drive, Millersport 43046. Many donors suggested last year that we stop putting a stamp on the return envelope to save money. We took your advice this year and saved about $300 in postage. Hopefully, it won't cost us any donations. We'll let you know how it worked out.

If you have a computer, go to BLASST. org to read the history of our tradition. Rhonda Carte worked many hours on our website. It's fun, beautiful and informational. Thank you, "Rhonda skip-to-my- Lou", for all your hard work.

By the time you are reading this, our 2009 T-shirts should be available at: Buckeye Lake Marina (Millersport) - 467-2697; Millersport General Store - 467-2500, Island House (Lieb's Island) - 467-2035; Pizza Cottage (Buckeye Lake) - 928-1144; Harbor Hills Country Club - 928-3596; and TC Market (Thornport) - 246-6509. They are $15 dollars each. "Bud-man Springer" with his wonderful smile will be delivering them as usual.

Please read the BLASST Public Service notice in this paper and advise all your friends and guests of the rules. Please help keep our holiday tradition safe.

Victoria Wolfe

West Bank

P.S. Don't forget to tune your radios to WNKO 101.7 FM at 10 p.m. for the simulcast thanks to Tom Swank and his crew.

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