2009-06-06 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 17: A Leroy Street woman reported a man was at her daughter's house without permission and harassing her daughter.

• May 18: Police ssisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a neighborhood dispute.

• May 20: A Walnut Road woman said someone tried to set fire to her home. There was no major damage or injuries, but some of the house's siding was burned.

• May 21: A Central Avenue woman said someone stole video games from her home.

• May 29: Police received a complaint about noise at a Park Street residence. The residents complied.

• May 29: Police received a complaint of a dog running free. The dog was later tied at its owner's house.

• May 29: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Walnut Road residence.

• May 30: A Mill Street woman said someone damaged her fence.

• May 30: A Rosebraugh Circle man reported an assault on state park property.

• May 30: A Walnut Road couple's son called 9-1-1 after witnessing a neighborhood dispute. The boy's parents were advised.

• May 30: A neighborhood dispute was reported on Mill Street. Parties were advised it was a civil matter.

• May 30: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-boyfriend kicked in her vehicle's headlights following a domestic dispute. The ex-boyfriend was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

• May 31: A West 1st Street man was cited for having an open container of alcohol at the North Shore Boat Ramp.

Hebron • May 5: Police were asked to respond to a report of a fight at the Speedway station until a deputy was available. Police spoke with an intoxicated man who said he had been left at the station by some friends. Police turned the scene over to the Licking County Sheriff's office.

• May 6: Police took a report after a driver left the Kroger Fuel Center without paying for $42.44 in fuel.

• May 6: Police on patrol saw a box truck emitting a large amount of smoke on an off-ramp for Ohio 79 to US 40. Police thought the truck was on fire and asked that the fire department be dispatched. When police spoke to the driver, they discovered that the truck wasn't on fire. It just had an extremely heavy exhaust. Police told the driver to shut off the engine since the exhaust was affecting visibility on Ohio 79.

• May 6: A manager at the Duke station reported finding a small marijuana pipe and a film container with a small amount of marijuana hidden in the beef jerky rack. The items were taken into evidence.

• May 7: Police were called by a Park National Bank manager who reported that a suspicious person in a vehicle had been watching the bank for some time. The vehicle was pulling out when police arrived. Police followed it to EcoLab where the driver parked and went inside.

• May 7: A Broadway Street resident reported the theft of a flower pot from her garden. She later called back and said a neighbor had taken it by mistake.

• May 7: A Newark woman said a woman backed into her vehicle in the parking lot outside Sunnee Bunz. The driver left without providing her information. A witness provided a license plate number. Police traced it to a woman who had been at Sunnee Bunz.

• May 7: Police were called about a possible domestic dispute at a Lakewood Drive apartment. The parties left before police arrived.

• May 8: Police were called about a motorcycle speeding on Greenbriar Lane. Police found the motorcycle and advised the owner.

• May 9: Police stopped a vehicle on East Main Street for excessive speed and discovered that the driver was under multiple suspensions. The driver was also wanted on a failure to appear warrant. He was arrested and taken to jail on the warrant.

• May 9: Police were called about two large dogs running free in the Hebron Road trailer park. Police found the dogs acting aggressive toward residents. Their owner wasn't home. Numerous attempts to reach an Animal Control officer were unanswered. Police were unable to control the dogs.

• May 10: Police stopped a vehicle for improper display of a license tag. The driver was cited for that offence and driving on an expired license. Police asked for and received permission to search the vehicle. A passenger left a purse in the vehicle and police found a hollowed out pen with a white powder residue. The passenger denied any knowledge of it or its use. Police then found marijuana in her purse. She later acknowledged that the pen was used for snorting painkillers. The Hebron woman was charged with possession of Schedule III drugs and marijuana. She was released.


• May 20: Police were called to an apartment on Refugee Street about some threats.

• May 21: Police assisted a resident who was stranded on his roof after his ladder had fallen to the ground.

• May 21: Police checked out a report of unlicensed mopeds being operated on Wolf Boulevard.

• May 22: Police warned a juvenile about standing on top of the bridge posts and railing over the canal on Lancaster Street.

• May 25: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office on a suspicious person call on West Bank Road.

• May 26: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office by responding to an alarm drop on South Bank Drive.

• May 26: Police responded to a report of an assault on Broad Street involving two adult women.

• May 27: Police Chief Randall Lewis, Firefighter Ben Brown and Douglas Hallam installed 15 Neighborhood Watch signs throughout the village. Anyone interested in participating in the program should call Chief Lewis at 467-2333 or ask any Millersport officer.

• May 27: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office by responding to a report of a fight in progress on Cedar Road in Fairfield Beach.

• May 29: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office in Thurston on a report of a juvenile with a firearm.

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