2009-05-16 / Editorials & Letters

Writer thanks voters for supporting Kirkersville levy


I would like to thank all of the Kirkersville residents who voted for the village operating levy.

Over the past several years there has been so much deceitfulness and arguing that it became impossible to know who was making good decisions for the betterment of our community and who was spending the village's money carelessly. The mayor and council, along with our new chief of police, are making budget cuts and trying to sort out all unnecessary expenses.

I moved here after graduation in 1966. We have raised our children and now our grandchildren in this nice little community. In these uncertain times, we all need to work together to achieve that same small town atmosphere and pride. All of our village officials are working extra hard to restore residents' faith and trust.

It is time to put the past behind us and move forward. I am so proud and grateful to all of you who showed your support for our village.

Carolyn Woods Kirkersville

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