2009-05-09 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 1: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a man who was having chest pains in a vehicle behind Bob's Bar.

• May 1: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a possible domestic violence incident.

• May 1: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department manually start the tornado siren.

• May 1: Police helped Hebron Police check a building after an open door was found. Everything was OK.

• May 1: Police were dispatched to check out a report of a possible suicide attempt. Nothing was found to substantiate the report.

• May 3: Police topped a Walnut Road woman for failure to signal a lane change and found she was driving with expired tags.

• May 4: Police helped a Hebron Road woman contact her sister who just had surgery.

• May 4: Police advised a man to stop making threats against his girlfriend.


• April 14: Police stopped and warned a driver for following too closely on Main Street, North 9th and Refugee Road.

• April 16: A West Main Street resident complained about a stray beagle in her backyard. The beagle was gone when police arrived.

• April 16: A Kelly Drive woman called about a man going door-todoor selling firewood. He had been in the area previously. Police found the village's water meter reader in the area and he was identified as the suspected firewood salesman.

• April 17: Police responded to a domestic dispute at 1:22 a.m. The parties were separated for the night.

• April 17: An officer saw a man checking doors at the storage units off Lakewood Drive. He turned out to be the property manager who was doing maintenance checks.

• April 17: Police checked the area of Main and High streets for a reported rolling domestic dispute in a mini van. The van wasn't located.

• April 17: Police received a report of a juvenile drinking out of a milk carton in Canal Park. Police found the him and he allegedly admitted to consuming alcohol. A possible charge of underage con- sumption is being reviewed by the prosecutor's office.


• April 20: Chief Lewis met with a Fairfield County Sheriff's Office deputy regarding the status of registered sex offenders within the village limits.

• April 20: A driver was stopped for driving on a suspended license. The motorist was ordered into court.

• April 20: Police responded to a call on Broad Street. A female was transported to Fairfield Medical Center for evaluation.

• April 21: A motorist was cited for travelling 37 mph in a 20 mph school zone.

• April 21: Police stopped a motorist on Lynn Avenue for driving on a suspended license. The driver was arrested for possession of drugs and his vehicle was impounded.

• April 22: A motorist was stopped on Lynn Avenue at about 10 a.m. for driving on a suspended license and expired license plates. The vehicle was impounded and the driver arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

• April 23: Police assisted the Millersport Fire Department on South Bank Road. with traffic control during a structure fire.

• April 24: Police responded to an alarm drop at Buckeye Lake Marina.

• April 24: Police conducted approximately 30 business checks into the early morning hours.

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