2009-04-25 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 14: A Walnut Road woman said someone rummaged through her vehicle and removed several items.

• April 17: A Hebron Road man believed an acquaintance ransacked his house.

• April 16: An officer stopped an Everett Avenue woman whose vehicle's license plate was missing. She had no driver's license and she was borrowing a friend's car.

• April 16: A BP service station employee said a customer left without paying for $25 of fuel.

• April 16: A Hebron Road woman reported her husband violated a restraining order.

• April 17: An Englefield Oil Company trucker said he thought a person used an electric pump to siphon diesel fuel from the Englefield tanker into the person's vehicle. The suspect strongly denied it and there were no direct witnesses, but the suspect paid Englefield Oil for $187 of fuel.

• April 18: Two people who were fighting in Wendy's truck parking area were charged with public intoxication. Neither person pressed charges against the other.

• April 19: A Rosebraugh Circle man said someone damaged his house and his car.

• April 22: Police Chief Ron Small said 14 or 15 Myers Addition residents reported someone rummaged through their vehicles, mainly looking for money and easily sold items. He warned all Buckeye Lake residents to remove money and valuables from parked vehicles. He said particularly with the strained economic conditions, parked vehicles are vulnerable to theft.


• March 10: Police on patrol at 12:52 a.m. saw an open garage door at a Hamilton Avenue home. Police contacted the owner who advised everything was OK and had just forgotten to secure it. Police checked the area again and saw the door open again. Police then stood by and saw the garage door open and close on its own. Police left a note for the homeowner about the "open and shut" case.

• March 10: Police on patrol at 1:39 a.m. saw a large fire on South High Street. It was a brush pile fire. The attendant told police that the fire chief had been advised about the burn. He was advised to stay with the fire until it was out.

• March 10: A West 4th Street resident reported the theft of a catalytic converter from a van parked behind a South High Street address. Police took a report and photos.

• March 10: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported she had a verbal argument with her boyfriend in the parking lot. She said another woman in the parking lot thought she was talking to here and they got into an argument. The mother of the other woman then went to the complainant's apartment where they got into a scuffel. Neither party wanted to press charges. Both were advised.

• March 11: Bexley Police picked up a subject wanted on a Hebron warrant for criminal damaging. Police met Bexley Police at Ohio 310 and I-70 and then took the subject to jail.

• March 11: Police were called about a suspicious van in the Park National parking lot. Police discovered the driver wasn't valid. He made arrangements for someone to pick him up and remove the van.

• March 11: Police made a traffic stop after determining the plates on a white Chevy came back to a silver Jeep. The driver produced a registration card showing that the plates had been transferred that day. Police noticed that the driver seemed very nervous during the stop and asked for permission to search the vehicle. The driver gave permission for the search. It didn't turn up anything.

• March 11: An East Cumberland Street resident told police that a juvenile had just taken a BMX bike from her front yard. Police found the juvenile on West 1st Street and took him to his Heron Road home. He allegedly admitted taking the bike and it was returned. Juvenile charges are pending.

• March 11: Police were asked to check on a person who had left Moundbuilders and could be suicidal. Police were given an Elm Street address, but no apartment number. Police spoke to several residents who said the person in question had moved out six months ago. Police also checked the area for her vehicle, but didn't see it.

• March 12: Police helped administer a BAC test for a sheriff's deputy. The woman had been arrested in Buckeye Lake for OVI. She ended up refusing the test and was taken to jail.

• March 12: Police were called about 7:14 a.m. about a break-in at the Subway restaurant. Police discovered that the rear door had been pried open. About $312 was reported to be missing. The investigation is continuing.

• March 12: Police served a warrant on a Louella Drive resident for failure to appear on a DUS charge.

• March 13: Police were called at 5:11 a.m. about a possible burglary in progress at TK. Police recognized the vehicle as belonging to an employee.


• April 13: Police were called to a domestic dispute on Lancaster Street. A report was taken and forwarded to the prosecutor's office for review of possible charges.

• April 13: A Lancaster Street resident was arrested and taken to the Fairfield County jail. The subject was wanted on Michigan felony warrants for burglary and breaking and entering. He is awaiting extradition to Michigan.

• April 14: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a mentally disturbed person on Shell Beach Road.

• April 14: Officer warned a Wolf Boulevard resident about riding unlicensed ATV's on the roadway and the consequences of impoundment.

• April 17: A Millersport resident reported a road rage incident. The elderly complainant said he was followed from Millersport to Buckeye Lake by another driver who harassed him and tried to provoke a fight. The Millersport resident ignored the threats and called police.

• April 17: Police checked out an open door on Chautauqua Boulevard.

• April 18: A motorist was warned for traffic violations on Lancaster Street.

• April 18: Police assisted park officers on West Bank at Lakeside.

• April 19: Police conducted approximately 216 business checks during the week in the village.

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