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More Letters: Fairfield County voters asked to renew road, bridge levy


On May 5th, Fairfield County voters will be asked to renew the 1/2 mill road, bridge and culvert levy. This levy is exclusively for work on 362 miles of roads, 341 bridges (including bridges on county/township roads and some in municipalities/villages), and over 2776 culverts. Levy funds also allow for township culvert work.

Renewing the 1/2 mill levy under its current terms requires no increased taxes! The cost to a $100,00 homeowner would only be $12.92 per year!

Highway construction costs have risen 71.2% since mid 2003, making it difficult to maintain our infrastructure. Our motor vehicle funds, which come from gas tax and license plate sales, have been very stagnant due to the economy.

The County Engineer's Office submitted 12 projects totaling over $6.7 million for federal aid stimulus funding. However, we have recently learned that we will not receive any of this funding. Therefore, we are dependent on current revenue such as the motor vehicle funds and the 1/2 mill levy funds.

In the last four years, the County Engineer's Office has averaged $1.85 million/year in state/federal grants. This levy provides the "local matching funds" for these grants. Without these funds, most grants would be lost, and when combined, a loss of up to $3 million in revenue to perform needed road and bridge work/

Both grant and levy funds are required to maintain our county infrastructure. I encourage voters to say YES to the 1/2 mill renewal levy so that we can continue a great road and bridge program!

Frank W. Anderson, P.E., P.S.

Fairfield County Engineer

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