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Writer has a plan to really stimulate the economy


I may not be a rocket scientist, but I could always hold my own in any math or spelling bee against Chris Nadolson (our class geek). History wasn't my strong point but it seems to me that for every great plan or invention, it took someone of the working class, a patriot of the country to make it work better and simpler.

With this in mind, if the government is going to hand out $720 billion to jump start the economy, why shouldn't the government just give everyone over 18 years of age one million dollars? That's about 275 million people or $275 million, saving the government over $719 billion.

This stimulus packeage could be simplified even further by providing each person a debit card worth one million dollars. The debit card would expire in one year. You use it or loose it. The money could be used to purchase a home, food, clothing and other personal jproducts usch as cars, trucks, boats, vacations, etc. but none of the money could be depositied in a personal or business bank account.

Believe me, we the people would have this economy booming in less than 30 days. Since the money would have to be spent on taxable items, the government would get another 30 percent of their money back.

Here comes the problem with the history thing. In the building of this great country, a patriot by the name of Thomas Payne inspired George Washington's men to achieve one of our greatest victories over the English to become the great country it is today, but he couldn't inspire the government to come to terms with common sense.

Therein lies the problem where history does repeat itself. You never know. Write your congressional representative and ask them to pay it forward.

Rusty Payne Thornport

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