2009-04-04 / Editorials & Letters

Trustees' decision to stop recycling questioned


I read in the Beacon last week that Walnut Township has decided to stop all recycling activities as of April 15. Trustee President Ralph Zollinger stated, "All it does is cost us money. "

According to the Fairfield County Recycling website, there are over 52 drop off sites for all types of recyclable materials. Are they all losing money? Maybe, but they are also offering consumers the ability to contribute to the reuse of products and lessen the impact on landfills.

Trustee Wally Gabriel stated, "Why not get the county trailers in here and let them worry about it?" Would it not have been a bit more responsible for our trustees to research and present an alternative recycling plan before discontinuing the present plan? Each time I have used the recycling center, over the past seven years, the containers have been over flowing. This leads me to believe that I am only one of many Walnut Township residents using the recycling center.

To continue to recycle your newspapers, magazines/catalogs, mail and shredded paper, there are Paper Retriever containers located at Millersport United Methodist Church and both Millersport schools. Visit www.paperretriever. com to find other locations.

Unfortunately, the Paper Retriever locations do not accept colored paper, wrapping paper or cardboard or any other type of recyclable materials (plastic, glass, etc.) Drop off locations for these products can be located by accessing the Fairfield Recycles website at www. fairfieldrecycles.org.

Lois Moore Walnut Township

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