2009-04-04 / Editorials & Letters

Community support key to Buckeye Lake Library's survival


Buckeye Lake Library is alive and well! Thanks go to the support of the Board of Trustees of the Licking County Library System and the continued belief and unwavering loyalty of Director Steven Hawk. Steven heard our dream, saw the need in our community and has never stopped believing that a library in Buckeye Lake would make a tremendous positive contribution to the future of our children.

Ada and the staff are awesome and are one of the biggest reasons for the success of our library. We thank them for their commitment to our library and everyone that uses it.

My fellow "Friends" Board members never lost faith and their commitment and dedication are more reasons why our doors are still open.

I want to thank the folks in the community who so eloquently and honestly shared their feelings with the Licking County Library Board. Their letters came at a very critical time, demonstrating how important our library is to our community. Their heartfelt letters spoke clearly to the board members.

Thanks to Judith Watkins, Mike and Marilyn Cassidy, Katrina and Jamie Sims, Cindy Findlay, The Hoys Family, President Merv Bartholow of the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association, Mary Crowe and Barbara Trotter.

Thanks also to Maribel Neel and Mrs. Davis of Millersport who graciously agreed to be interviewed by The Advocate for their stories on the possible closure.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Please accept my apologies if I missed a letter.

Our Friends Board thanks each and everyone of you for your support. We still have a lot to do to keep a library in Buckeye Lake for years to come. The Licking County Library Board still expects the Friends to find a larger and more visible building for our library. A location on Ohio 79 is preferred. That's going to take money, far more money than what we have in our treasury. Plus we continue to be responsible for all building expenses including utilities, insurance, supplies and maintenance.

That means we need more members (a membership application will soon be appearing in The Beacon) and more fundraising. Our current coupon card at just $10 is the best deal on the lake. Thanks to local businesses you can get back your $10 from discounts in just a few weeks. We'll have a new card coming out in July, but there is plenty of time to save far more than your investment with our current card.

Our library is truly a community effort and we need your help. All volunteers welcome. If you would like to help us in the search for a new home or host a fundraiser, please call me at (740) 928-4774.

Thanks again to our loyal friends and supporters.

Pam Reed, President Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library

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