2009-03-28 / Editorials & Letters

Trustee responds to allegations made against zoning board and trustees


In response to some recent allegations made toward the Thorn Township Zoning Board and Board of Trustees:

The recent approvals of some Planned Residential Developments have brought some remarks about our township that are unfair and biased to one side of the issue. Our Township Zoning and Appeals Board has acted with respect and integrity in these cases and dedicated many hours of work and research to each case.

The boards have never made a decision based on anything other than the facts as they pertain to the issue placed before them and they accurately discharge their duties as boards without prejudice or malice toward any party involved.

I feel compelled to defend these boards as they work very hard to protect the interest of our community and respect the rights of those wanting to join our community. This is not always an easy or popular thing to do as it is sometimes difficult to balance all things.

I hope the residents of Thorn Township will understand the challenges that face these boards as well as the trustees. I urge all residents to become involved in their local government and express their views and concerns.

Thank you!

Tim Phipps Thorn Township Trustee

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