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'Watchdog' responds to letter


This is in response to Bill Harper's letter of last week:

Debi Seymour "decried the action" of Bennie Evans being appointed to a council seat because it WAS NOT LEGAL! IF YOU RECALL, Bennie Evans was appointed to a council seat BEFORE it was vacant! In addition, Evans left the "stage" and sat in the audience while his puppets put on their rehearsed show that night. Their intentions were to get Bennie Evans in there as a council member before the new mayor and council members took office.

Yes, Debi and I lost the election in 2003 and we knew we would lose. Debi and I found out that Mike Cloud, Bob Adkins and others were going door to door telling people that we had personal agendas and convincing people that we were creating problems in the village. We knew that we, too, would have to go door to door to defend ourselves in order to win the election. We decided not to do that. We were stressed out and looking forward to somewhat of a normal life and felt that an audit would reveal some of the problems. We also knew that people generally do not get involved unless something happens to them personally to get them involved. Therefore, we felt that the people may not be receptive to the council and mayor coming to them, door to door, with our stories. But we knew the citizens of Kirkersville would soon learn the truth.

It didn't take long before council (including council member Bill Harper) and the others showed who they were really looking out for. Themselves! In the first meeting that Debi and I were out of office, the council passed EMERGENCY legislation repealing all the checks and balances that were put in place to protect the village finances and the taxpayer's money from being misspent, stolen, etc.. Bill Harper not only voted to repeal these rules, he made the motion!

Prior to Harper getting on council, he and I were friends…or so I thought. I thought he would be a good servant to the people and I encouraged him to run for a council seat. I was so wrong! Harper started out doing a good job and acted as though he saw through the shenanigans that the GOB's (Good Ol' Boys) were playing. (If you recall, Kirkersville had some of the key players from New Rome.) It turned out that Harper was recruited by the GOB's because they saw him for what I believe he really is…a chauvinist!

Although I dispute your figures, the insurance company may have increased the rates but because of whom? As I have said in the past, Debi and I were sued for asking to see PUBLIC records! The WOMEN on council were sued for firing Solicitor, Pete Beagle. We didn't scare easily; we defended ourselves.

Debi and I fought hard to keep Kirkersville from being the second New Rome. We didn't want our citizens and visitors to be bullied by government officials and rogue cops. There was a point when the police chief (who was double dipping from the village) wanted to create passes for residents to get back into town to get to their own homes during the races! We wanted to encourage the business from the race fans because we felt our local establishments could use the business.

Our actions speak for themselves in black and white…so do Bill Harper's. In black and white we created rules and regulations on how employees were allowed to spend taxpayer's money. In black and white Bill Harper helped knock those rules down! (I will post these records on my website www.kirkersvillewatchdog. com.)

I walked away proud and knew that I GAVE my all for the people. Bill Harper, former Computer Jerk, resigned his council position to TAKE $30 per hour from the people. So who "bamboozled" whom, Bill?

Cities and villages should never prosper financially at the expense of the rights of the people. As the Beacon announced, this is Sunshine Week… and as John Adams said, "the people have the right to the most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge…of the characters and conduct of their rulers." You're quite a character, Mr. Harper.

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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