2009-03-21 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• March 7: A West 6th Street woman reported she was receiving harassing phone calls. Police advised the caller to stop calling and address their disagreement in civil court if necessary.

• March 7: A Walnut Road couple complained someone threatening physical harm was menacing them.

• March 7: A Walnut Road woman said she found a four year old girl wandering. The girl said she didn't want to go home and appeared to have some injuries. The officer notified Children's Services.

• March 7: A Renner Street woman said she observed a domestic violence incident.

• March 7: A group of people surrounding a bonfire at the end of Stewart Street was told to turn music down.

• March 8: A Rosebraugh Circle man said someone cut the cable supplying his Direct TV.

• March 9: A Walnut Road man claimed he was being harassed.

• March 11: Police Chief Ron Small said several vehicles were ransacked in the Myers Addition. He said the ransackers were looking for cash and other loose items, which they found. But, the vehicles were not damaged because they were unlocked. Small advised everyone to remove all cash and valued loose items from vehicles parked outside overnight or for extended periods of time.

• March 12: An East Street man reported that someone stole his car.

• March 13: Police served a Subway employee with a barred slip when the employee's job was terminated.

• March 15: An officer broke up a fight in the Pizza Cottage parking lot. The two men fighting said the altercation was over a woman.


• Feb. 15: Two tenants at the Canal Road apartments got into an argument about using the electric in the laundry room. Police told them to avoid each other.

• Feb. 15: Police cited another driver for ignoring the stop sign at West 2nd and Cumberland streets.

• Feb. 15: A motorist was cited for driving under suspension on East Main Street.

• Feb. 15: Police on patrol at 10:11 p.m. saw a vehicle at Evans Park. The 17-year-old driver told police he and his 15-year-old female passenger were just talking. After checking their information, they were told to leave the park since it closes at dusk.

• Feb. 16: Police assisted Heath Police at 3:12 a.m. in the arrest of a suspect in the theft of donuts from a Heath gas station.

• Feb. 16: Police were called to a Raspberry Circle home on an unspecified complaint. A man there started ranting about the cost of fuel. He refused to be specific and turned on police when they asked him for details.

• Feb. 16: Police cited another driver for ignoring the stop sign at West 2nd and Cumberland streets.

• Feb. 16: Police on patrol at 9:49 p.m. saw two vehicles in the rear of Evans Park. The couple was told that the park closed at dusk.

• Feb. 16: Police on patrol at 10:01 p.m. saw a parked vehicle at Evans Park. The couple was told to leave since the park was closed.

• Feb. 17: An East Main Street resident said he left his vehicle running outside his apartment and a named person took the keys from it.

• Feb. 17: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff's Office by responding to a report of an attempted carjacking in Harbor Hills. Police helped deputies secure the area and set up a perimeter for a K-9 search. The dog lost the scent.

• Feb. 17: A Greenbriar Lance man complained that his name had been used fraudently to set up an on-line account. He learned about it when he received a collection letter for nearly $3,000 from an out-of-state attorney. Police spoke with the agency and forwarded requested documents to its fraud department.

• Feb. 18: A driver was cited for expired license plates and driving under multiple suspensions. The vehicle owner was cited for wrongful entrustment.

• Feb. 18: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Feb. 19: Police responded to a report of an active domestic dispute at a Canal Road apartment. The boyfriend admitted yelling and throwing some things at the wall. His girlfriend's account was similar. Police took him to Buckeye Lake and left a phone message for his probation officer.

• Feb. 19: A West Main Street resident complained that his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend was calling and text messaging him. Police looked at the messages and found they weren't threatening, just rude and perhaps a bit obscene. The complainant admitted that he hadn't asked the man to stop contacting him. Police suggested that he do that first and then call if the man continued to contact him.

• Feb. 19: Police cited another driver for ignoring the stop sign at West 2nd and Cumberland streets. The driver was also cited for driving under suspension.

• Feb. 20: Police at 7:58 p.m. were advised to watch for an intoxicated "Larry" who was driving a gray van and might be carrying a gun. Police didn't see anyone close to the description.

• Feb. 21: Police were called about an open door at an East Main Street residence. The house was vacant. Police checked it and secured the door.

• Feb. 21: A Lakewood Drive man told police he had just finished mopping the floor at Domino's on Feb. 19 and was washing his hands, when another employee yelled at him for using the wrong sink. He said the employee then threw mop water in his face. He went to Licking Memorial Hospital on Feb. 21 because he was having trouble with his vision. He showed police a hospital report, stating that he had pink eye. He wanted police to file charges against the other employee. Police took his statement.


• March 11: Police helped a Fairfield County Sheriff's Office deputy serve a warrant on North Bank.

• March 11: A driver was cited for travelling 46 mph in a 20 mph school zone. Drivers should keep in mind that Ohio law requires that citations for travelling 35 mph or more in a school zone include a mandatory court appearance and are upgraded from a minor misdemeanor to a 4th degree misdemeanor.

• March 14: Police took a report about harassment on Lynn Avenue.

• March 14: A driver was warned for equipment violations.

• March 14: Police were called to a Broad Street residence on a complaint of an assault.

• March 14-15: Chief Lewis attended a training session for new police chiefs sponsored by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.

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