2009-03-21 / News

Kirkersville gets new police chief

By Scott Rawdon

KIRKERSVILLE - Kirkersville wasn't long without a police chief.

Mayor Terry Ashcraft appointed former Shawnee Hills Police Chief Mark Bossa to the Kirkersville position last week, only days after former Police Chief Jim Petrey submitted his formal resignation. Bossa is a New Albany resident and will work part-time for the village 16 to 32 hours per week. Otherwise, Bossa works for New Albany Security LLC. He's also served as an auxiliary officer in Frazeysburg and Somerset.

"I'm very excited," said Bossa Monday. He said Shawnee Hills is close to Dublin, where he worked closely with Dublin's police department. He looks forward to applying what he learned to the Village of Kirkersville, which he plans to bring "kicking and screaming into the 21st Century." He said there are things that "need to be done" at the Kirkersville Police Department but wouldn't be specific.

Currently, Kirkersville's police department is Bossa and one reserve, or auxiliary, officer. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Licking County Sheriff's Department also patrol the village routinely.

Bossa plans to hire more reserve officers, but he wants to familiarize himself with the village and the way things work within the department before doing so. "I need to know the ropes before bringing somebody in," he said. He promises to very selective about the auxiliaries he hires.

Bossa's main goal is to prepare for the summer increase in the traffic flow through the village on US 40 and I-70, and the activity it brings with it.

Buckeye Lake Police Chief Ron Small said Petrey, who has also worked part-time for the Village of Buckeye Lake for several years, will continue that position, although briefly. Small said Petrey plans to travel overseas temporarily to teach police procedures to nations trying to build police forces.

Ashcraft announced Petrey's resignation during the March 4 Kirkersville Village Council meeting. Petrey's letter of resignation simply stated, "It is with regret that I must tender my resignation as chief of police with the Village of Kirkersville effective March 2, 2009. I would like to express my thanks to the mayor for his support during my tenure with the village. I would also express my thanks to council for their support."

Ashcraft appointed Petrey Aug. 20, 2008; Petrey replaced Acting Chief Chris Martin, who replaced former Chief Robert Chamberlain after he resigned May 14, 2008.

Ashcraft said previously that the village will still pursue legal charges against Chamberlain who, when he resigned, took with him his personnel file and DVDs he claimed were his. Ashcraft said previously that the DVDs mainly contain video of traffic stops, although he wasn't completely certain. He is certain, however, that the material is village property. Ashcraft said village solicitor Debbie Kenny McBride is working on the legalities of pursuing charges.

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