2009-03-21 / Editorials & Letters

Former resident says Kirkersville citizens are being bamboozled


It seems as if the citizenry of Kirkersville are being bamboozled.

Think back to when Terry Ashcraft won the mayoral election. The council voted to appoint former Mayor Bennie Evans to a vacated seat. Do you recall who one of the loudest voices to decry that action was? None other than Ms. Debbie Seymour, who said that the "public voted you out of office!" Guess what? Mayor Ashcraft cast the tie-breaking vote to appoint, you guessed it, Ms. Seymour to one of the vacated council seats. Ms. Seymour, Mr. Evans lost the mayoral election by a VERY small margin. When you and Ms. Mansfield were voted from office, you lost by approximately a 3 to 1 margin!

The village paid a high price the last time Ms. Seymour sat on council. She and Ms. Mansfield were the source of much litigation against the village, including a lawsuit against Mayor Evans, Councilman Adkins, Chief Frye, myself, and the village council, et al. The suit alleged "sexual discrimination and harassment". This was, in my opinion, solely due to our daring to disagree with their viewpoints. After almost 1 1/2 years, and approximately $96,000 in legal costs to the village insurance company, Judge Marcelain found the suit to be without basis, and dismissed it.

The village insurance company then made dramatic increases to both the premiums and deductibles incurred by the village due to the expense of lawsuits caused by statements by Ms.' Seymour and Mansfield. After these two were removed from office, the insurance company gave the village a partial reduction in rates as the risk of such future litigation had been significantly reduced! Now, with Ms. Seymour back in the picture, will the frivolous litigations and slanderous allegations start once again? Will she help drive the final nail into the coffin of the Village of Kirkersville? Will certain powers succeed in their agenda to un-incorporate the Village?

Stay tuned, people of Kirkersville. Same time, same channel!

Bill Harper Pataskala

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