2009-03-21 / Front Page


Mid week sunshine is irresistible
Photos by Scott Rawdon

HEBRON - These Hebron Elementary kindergartners were the envy of everyone who wished he or she could be outside in Wednesday's sunshine. The children were from Mrs. Carignan, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Deavers, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Blaine, Mr. Brown, and Mrs. Fellows' kindergarten classes.

According to associatedcontent.com's Health & Wellness site, an active kindergarten recess actually encourages children to enjoy exercise when they grow to adults. Some kindergarten children are content to just sit on benches or on the side of the school playground for the duration of their recess as their classmates run around the playground playing tag. According to the web site, kindergarten teachers and their aides should encourage children to move around more, play with hoops; climb up onto the climbing frame and across the monkey bars or to just walk around the playground to stretch the children's legs. The point is to encourage kindergarten children to move around and exercise their muscles, rather than get them used to sitting down in their seats all throughout the day.

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