2009-03-14 / News

Cold killed fish

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON - Don't panic! The collection of dead fish around Buckeye Lake is nothing sinister or even unusual, said Hebron Fish Hatchery Supervisor Patrick Howard. He said most of the dead fish littering the Buckeye Lake shoreline are shad that didn't survive the winter.

Their bodies were exposed when the ice melted and they have now drifted to shore. Howard said the cold water kills many shad each winter and the tide of dead fish is nothing unusual for the lake.

In a related matter, Buckeye Lake State Park Manager Tim Waln said that although the North Shore Boat Ramp is closed to traffic during the reconstruction work, the area is open for fishing and to anyone who wants to walk along the waterfront. The North Shore Boat Ramp should re-open to traffic mid to late April. Boaters and park visitors are encouraged to use the Lieb's Island Boat Ramp in Millersport during the construction period. Improvements to the North Shore Boat Ramp include new curbs and paving.

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