2009-03-14 / Editorials & Letters

One more Letter: Support for library appreciated


Once again I find myself reflecting on how glad I am I moved to Buckeye Lake. This community knows how to pull together and help its own.

That's why I can't believe it will let its library close. We have everything we need within walking distance here in the village and that is so nice. The library is part of the culture. Our children can safely go there and use the computers, pick up books for school projects and select a DVD for movie night.

I know I can go to our library for help with almost anything. Plus in the summer, the special activities are very helpful. The reptile man and the insect man helped my son learn a lot about thing that will or will not harm him.

The library needs our help. If you have a library card, blow off the dust and go use it at our great Buckeye Lake library. Pick out a book to read. Let's show how many people need our library!

Ada, Michelle and Debbie will do everything they can to help you. It will only take a few minutes for something that will benefit our community forever, Save our library!

Katrina and Jamey Sims

Buckeye Lake

Editor's Notice: The critical meetings for the future of the Buckeye Lake Library have been pushed back a week to March 19 and 26 respectively. The Friends Board is more optimistic after meeting with Library Director Steven Hawk last week.

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