2009-03-14 / Editorials & Letters

'Junkyard Dog' questions tree work done for trustee


"Watkins Law" is renewed in Bowling Green Township. First Judge Marcelain decided that Don Watkins can keep his elected position and then the county prosecutor got pushed to take a stance too.

The prosecutor has rewarded GOB Watkins with almost $3,000 taken in illegal reimbursements for health insurance. The moral of the story for any elected crooks out there is don't worry because if you get caught you might have to stop, but you can keep your job and won't have to pay anything back.

Oh, it gets even better. Assistant county prosecutor Eric Fox, who works with townships, now claims that due to HB458, if Watkins had paid the money back, the prosecutor would hand it back including any legal fees that might have been incurred!

Is this how Watkins will explain his newest entitlement heist? Outside of a public meeting apparently Watkins and Trustee President Vanburen made a decision to cut down a personal tree located in Watkins yard! A $500 check was executed by the Fiscal Officer at the February board meeting for the Watkins tree. There was no ethical Lorax there to stop this one. This is a clear Sunshine law violation plain and simple. Why are tax payers now doing major yard work for King Watkins? Word on the street is that VanBuren and Watkins also hired township workers for the project and used township equipment to boot. Trustee Jeff Chorpenning questioned the check and did not approve it. The self dealing continues.

The judge and prosecutor have now done their part to keep the GOB network thriving. Our elected officials have spoken. What are we going to do about it? We get what we elect.

Geary Stepp, "Junkyard Dog" Bowling Green Township

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