2009-03-14 / Editorials & Letters

Writer apologizes for comments made at Kirkersville meeting


I would like to apologize to the council and the mayor of Kirkersville for comments I made at the last council meeting on March 4, 2009. I read aloud my personal notes and thoughts to the council and mayor that I was going to read at the special open meeting held on Monday, March 2. In these notes (which may or may not be called a "letter" in another article) were my own conveyance and feelings on what was happening in the Village of Kirkersville.

In these notes I also remarked that these are my thoughts and not of anyone else in the village. I also noted that I may be wrong, and sure enough, I was on more than one subject.

I want to thank the council and mayor for allowing me the time to read my notes and for them asking me questions and replying to my thoughts. Life is too short to be upset at my ramblings. Therefore, I ask that there be no ill feelings toward my thoughts and I will respect what council and mayor do for the village. After all, they are stepping forward and doing what each and every one of us have the right to do and don't.

Please please please people of Kirkersville, if you want your voice heard, concerns recognized, attend these meetings! They are posted in various locations - bank, post office and town hall doors. We elected these people and they deserve our respect, prayers and attendance at all of these meetings.

David Roach Kirkersville

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