2009-03-07 / Editorials & Letters

Mooney's letter upsets visitor


I read your February 21 edition while passing through your fair town that day and came upon the letter of Mr. Dave Mooney. Mr. Mooney had a litany of complaints against the Village of Baltimore, and then, halfway through the letter, launched into a sad, little tirade against President Bush. He even referred to him as "the twisted little guy from Texas."

Mr. Mooney, or "Punk," whichever you prefer, I know your type. You are the guy who sits in a darkened room with a bottle of Captain Morgan's yelling out the window, "I'm just as good as you" or "I could have been somebody!"

If you were half the man of that "twisted little guy from Texas," maybe you might have been. But you're a whiner instead. President Bush protected this nation after 9/11, liberated two nations from their tyrants, saw one of them hanged for his crimes and gave us six years of economic growth, not to mention restoring dignity to the Presidency.

How do you and your European puppet masters repay him? With unrelenting character assassination and disrespect for your country. I'm not fooled by the likes of you, Mr. Mooney. 9/11 drove you insane, that's all. What's scary is that the UFO, JFK, Trilateral Commission nuts like you now have real power. Don't bring your poison down South, Mister. Dueling banjos, anyone?

Glenn Hubbard Morris Chapel, TN

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