2009-02-07 / Editorials & Letters

No matter what you're going through, just don't give up'


As I was lying in bed trying to get some much needed rest from a virus that left me feeling weak and run-down, I heard over the TV how a father who lost his job not only took his life but his families! What desperation he must have felt at not being able to provide for his family and then came more news about lay-offs, plant closings, and overall the sad state of our economy.

We could use a little good news today! And, in times like these just shows me how much we all need each other. Isn't this supposed to be the greatest country on earth?

We need to draw strength and support from each other, and get to know your neighbors and when you see a need, please don't wait to be asked, just offer.

We all can make a difference. I'm volunteering at a local food pantry and giving back. When it comes down to it, we need very little to make us happy. I feel my life is a gift from God and when times are hard that's when we show our children and even the world what we're really made of.

We could use a little good news these days. Reach out! And, remember God loves you and don't give up, please, no matter what you're going through, just don't give up! If you feel you have no one to talk to, then feel free to email me at deb_mccnnll@ yahoo.com.

Debra McConnell Fairfield Beach

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