2009-01-24 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 11: A Myers Avenue woman said her boyfriend's son assaulted her.

• Jan. 11: A Union Avenue woman said someone was calling her in violation of a restraining order.

• Jan. 12: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a 9-1-1 hang-up call near Fawn Court. A child in the house just learned about 9-1-1 and was playing with the phone.

• Jan. 16: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a BAC test.

• Jan. 16: Police secured an open door at a Walnut Road residence.

• Jan. 16: An officer discovered an unattended fire at the North Shore Boat Ramp. It was extinguished.

• Jan. 17: A Scooter's Bar employee said a patron left without paying his tab.

• Jan. 18: A Walnut Road man said he was receiving harassing phone calls from a man who was dating his wife while they were separated. He said the man placing the harassing phone calls couldn't accept they were back together.

• Jan. 18: A Family Dollar employee witnessed a man stealing newspapers from two vending machines. The man was arrested and the papers were recovered.

• Jan. 18: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with an unruly juvenile.

• Jan. 18: Police received a complaint of an unknown person making 9-1-1 hang-up calls from a cell phone.

• Jan. 18: A possible assault at a Walnut Road residence turned out to be two juveniles wrestling.

• Jan. 18: Police received a complaint of two suspicious juveniles loitering near Buckeye Lake Hardware.

• Jan. 18: A Walnut Road woman who was found wandering and incoherent was charged with public intoxication.


• Dec. 25: Police heard an audible alarm at an Enterprise Drive business. Police discovered it was a fire alarm and alerted Hebron Fire.

• Dec. 25: A Kelly Court resident reported some damage to lawn decorations.

• Dec. 26: Police were called to a possible home invasion at a Raspberry Circle residence at 2:31 a.m. The resident said she hear some tapping on a window and then the glass broke. Police and a Licking County Sheriff's Office deputy checked the area and then sat nearby for a time, but didn't see anyone in the area.

• Dec. 26: Police were called about the forced opening of a coin box on a washing machine at the Country Village Apartments. Police took fingerprints from the coin box.

• Dec. 26: Police were called about a possible domestic dispute at a Broadway Street apartment. The parties were having a verbal dispute as they packed belongings to leave for the night. Police stood by until they both left.

• Dec. 26: Police were called about a juvenile out of control. His mother said he was upset because his sister's dog had defecated in his room. He had ripped shelves off the wall, tipped over a dresser and used a shot gun without a stock to try and break out a window. Police said the 17-yearold was uncooperative and was arrested for domestic violence. Police turned him over to juvenile authorities.

• Dec. 26: Police checked out a report of a reckless driver on Ohio 79. Police saw the described vehicle on US 40. Police followed, but didn't observe any traffic viollations. The vehicle turned into a home just outside the village limits.

• Dec. 26: A South 7th Street man told police he heard a loud bang against his house. He ran outside and saw two juveniles nearby. He followed them in his vehicle to the coin laundry where he confronted them. Police met them there. The juveniles denied throwing the real estate sign against his house, claiming that another juvenile identified only by a first name wanted to fight them and then threw the sign when they refused. The complainant had heard of this third juvenile and thought they might be telling the truth. He declined to press charges. Police spoke with both juveniles' parents.

• Dec. 27: Police cited a motorist for travelling north in the southbound lanes of Ohio 79 just north of Enterprise Drive at 1 a.m.

• Dec. 27: A Hebron Road trailer park residnet called police about a custody dispute with his ex-girlfriend. He had court documents giving him custody until Jan. 1. Police said he could keep the child until then.

• Dec. 27: Police watched US 40 for a possible intoxicated driver heading north on Mill Dam Road. They didn't see the described vehicle.

• Dec. 28: Police were called at 2:55 p.m. about loud music at a Canal Road apartment. The resident was advised.

• Dec. 28: An anonymous caller reported drug activity at a Lakewood Drive apartment. When police arrived at the apartment, there was a strong odor of burning marijuana. The resident agreed to let them enter the apartment where the odor was even stronger. The resident allegedly admitted to using marijuana and voluntarily turned over three pipes, two bongs, three bowls and two small baggies of marijuana. Police received permission to search the apartment but didn't find anything else. The resident was cited for drug abuse and drug paraphernalia.

• Dec. 29: A Mound Street woman told police that when she was in Buckeye Lake earlier in the evening her ex-boyfirend struck her with his car afte they got into an argument. Hebron medics took her to the hospital since she is nine months pregnant. Police notified Buckeye Lake Police who told the woman over the phone to come to the station to fill out a report once she is released from the hospital.

• Dec. 29: A Newark man told police he had items at a Broadway Street apartment. He wanted to give police a list of the items so they could collect them for him. He hadn't tried to retrieve the items himself nor had he had any conflict with the apartment resident. Police told him that he was responsible for at least trying to collect the items himself.

• Dec. 29: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with the arrest of a Hebron Road trailer park resident on a warrant.

• Dec. 29: A Columbus truck driver reported that his trailer snagged a telephone line on Morrison Street and pulled it down. Police called the phone company.

• Dec. 29: Police were called to an active domestic dispute at a Canal Road apartment. The complainant said she lives with her ex-husband and they became involved in a verbal dispute. She called her son who heard over the phone the man calling his mother names. So he and his brother headed to the apartment. They were there when police arrived. The ex-husband didn't want to leave for the night and police said they couldn't force him to leave. The complainant and her sons insisted the man was violating his probation out of Fairfield County by drinking. The man admitted drinking beer, but neither Licking County or Fairfield County dispatch could provide any information on his probation officer. Police then suggested the complainant and her sons leave for the night. She refused, but police told her sons to leave and they did.


• Jan. 14: Police were called to a Broad Street home to talk to an unruly juvenile.

• Jan. 15: Police advised two juveniles to leave the boat dock area on Canal Street. They were considering crossing the canal on the ice.

• Jan. 17: A motorist was warned for a traffic violation on Lancaster Street at Summit Street.

• Jan. 17: Police assisted a stalled motorist on Main Street.

• Jan. 18: Police warned a driver for a traffic violation at Millersport High School.

• Jan. 18: Police discovered an open door at a Summit Street home at 2 a.m. Everything checked out OK.

• Jan. 18: Police backed up the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office on an alarm drop on Dahlia Avenue in Fairfield Beach.


• Jan. 11: A Lancaster man was cited for travelling 61 mph in a 35 mph zone on West Columbus Street.

• Jan. 11: A Millersport woman was cited for going 44 mph in a 25 mph zone on North Main Street.

• Jan. 11: A Thornville man was cited for travelling 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. He was also issued several warnings.

• Jan. 11: A Malta, Ohio woman was cited for going 42 mph in a 25 mph zone on North Main Street.

• Jan. 11: A Roseville man was cited for exceed ng the speed limit by 15 mph and using license plates that expired in 2006.

• Jan. 12: Police cited a motorist for not wearing a seat belt.

• Jan. 12: Police were called to the Shelly Company on a report of vandalism. Approximately 20 pieces of equipment were spray painted or damaged in some way The vandals also disconnected police and fire radio systems that are nearby. An Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations crime scene investigator was called to the scene. Police have suspects and the investigation is continuing.

• Jan. 13: A Thornville man was cited for going 76 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• Jan. 13: Police cited a driver for exceeding the speed limit by 13 mph during snowy conditions.

• Jan. 16: Police charged a driver with speeding for exceeding the limit by 15 mph.

• Jan. 19: A Lancaster man was cited for a traffic light violation and not wearing a seat belt.

• Jan. 19: A Lancaster woman was cited for travelling 44 mph in a 25 mph zone on North Main Street.

• Jan. 19: A Thornville woman was cited for going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone and not wearing a seat belt.

• Jan. 19: A Zanesville man was cited for expired license plates and was given a warning for an equipment violation.

• Jan. 19: Police met a deputy from the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office to pass on a subpoena from a West Virginia court.

• Jan. 19: Police took a report on a custody dispute at a Lakeview Drive home.

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