2009-01-24 / Editorials & Letters

Bowling Green Township hires G.O.B. style


This year I missed the once a year Board of Trustees big plans meeting for 2009. I have attended in the past and last year was apparently not much different than the current results. Luckily I got the full audio by clicking to Bowlinggreentownship. com within hours of the meeting actually happening.

In about a month, we can all read the Dog Warden wife's version of the events.This meeting alone has enough topics to have any "watch dog" stocked with bones to chew on.

I choose to focus in on just one. Trustee Chorpenning was heard requesting copies of all current employees hiring applications and whatever other information that may be contained in the files. Guess what, apparently no such records exist. The G.O.B.'s don't even advertise openings for employment or have applicants fill out applications.

Or do they? I may need to put in some more requests for public records and find out more. With empty files, it's always easier to write the story as you go. This is what the G.O.B.s call "This is the way we have always done it!" So after finally getting into compliance with the O.R.C. on December 30, 2008, on "Control and Maint. Of Roads," the G.O.B's come in January 5, 2009, and put their main township bully in as "road supervisor." I will need to watch the full color DVD for this missed episode. I guess the application my relative sent to the Fiscal Officer must have got lost in the mail!

Geary Stepp, "Junk Yard Dog" Bowling Green Township

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